We offer Rapid testing, Antibody testing, and Travel PCR testing.

What to expect from the Rapid Travel PCR Test:

  • Done via a nasal swab.
  • All tests are available on a walk-in basis.
  • No appointment is necessary.
  • Monday-Friday after 6 PM, the cost is $250 (to accommodate time and staff) *This does not apply to weekends.

COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Need Rapid COVID-19 Testing in Los Angeles, CA? Look no further. Urgent Care Pros is proud to offer Rapid 15 Minute COVID-19 Testing for both active and previous infections. We will ensure that you receive your results as quickly as possible and that they are of the highest accuracy.

All tests are available on a walk-in basis. 
No appointment is necessary.

What to expect from the Rapid COVID-19 Test…

  • The test is done via a nasal swab to detect a current COVID-19 infection.
  • Most insurance will cover the test; Urgent Care Pros will bill your insurance.
  • If you do not have insurance, the cost is $150, which includes the Rapid COVID-19 test as well as a physical exam, as some patients’ symptoms may not be due to COVID-19.
  • This is not an antibody test. This test detects the current presence of a COVID-19 infection.

We also offer COVID-19 Antibody Testing:

Are you curious if you have previously had COVID-19? Even if you never experienced symptoms, it is possible that you could have been previously infected and were simply asymptomatic. Or, are you curious if your vaccine worked? We offer a rapid and a regular antibody test; both are available on a walk-in basis. No appointment is necessary. 

What to expect from the Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test:

  • The Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test tests for a previous infection and is done via finger prick, with results taking 15 minutes (IgG/IgM).

We also offer the non-rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test:

  • This is a blood test that detects antibodies to COVID-19.
  • We will take a blood draw and send it to the lab for antibody testing.
  • Results will be available within several days.
  • This test is for patients who have been without any COVID-19 symptoms for a minimum of 14 days, otherwise, you have a higher likelihood of a false negative.
  • To be tested, patients will need to check in for a physical exam.
  • Some insurance will pay for the test and others do not. Urgent Care Pros will bill your insurance.
  • This is not the finger prick test.

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