About Us


Compassion, respect, and quality of care are our goals.

Urgent Care Pros® is committed to providing high-quality and efficient medical care similar to what would be expected in an emergency room, or urgent care. Our medical professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, and have the qualifications to provide excellent medical care. We offer comprehensive services for children, adults, and seniors with a broad list of on-site diagnostics and treatment.

Importance of Urgent Care

Urgent Care Pros® is dedicated to providing fast and affordable walk in service at a fraction of the price of emergency rooms, and neighboring urgent cares.

Local emergency rooms and urgent cares typically have lengthy waits -- Urgent Care Pros® is a much faster and efficient place to address your comprehensive urgent care needs for children, adults, and seniors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Urgent Care? Walk-in Urgent Cares treat non threatening conditions. A good rule of thumb is, if you feel like you may be hospitalized, require emergency surgery, or are having a heart attack or stroke, you should never go to any urgent care, and instead go to the Emergency Room (Call 911 if you feel your condition is potentially life threatening, you are having a heart attack or stroke)
  • Does Urgent Care Pros do X-rays? Yes, we do onsite X-rays, with a written reading of the X-ray by a board certified radiologist, generally within 30 minutes.
  • Does Urgent Care Pros® preform stitches and drain abscesses? Yes, we preform stitches, and drain abscesses on site.
  • I have abdominal pain, can I be seen? Yes, we evaluate all types of abdominal pain, and order you CT scans, and Ultrasounds based on your insurance authorization. If your condition potentially requires immediate surgery, or is potentially life threatening you will be referred to the emergency room for definitive care.
  • Does Urgent Care Pros do STD testing? Yes, we offer comprehensive STD testing and treatment.
  • I have insurance, and pay each month, why do I have a bill for a visit? Your insurance decides what you pay for a visit, not Urgent Care Pros®, we actually have no control over your visit cost. Each insurance decides what will they will pay for an urgent care visit, and none of them are the same. How much, or if you pay anything at all, has to do with if you have a deductible, so check your insurance policy to see what the amount of your deductible is. A deductible means that for any medical visit anywhere, you will pay up to the total amount of your deductible for the entire year, before your insurance kicks in. Your insurance decides what amount they will pay for an urgent care visit, then they pass the cost onto to you. This exact same thing happens to all of us personally at Urgent Care Pros®, so we understand the frustration with the insurance industry.

Urgent Care Pros Practice Manager

Sophia joined Urgent Care Pros® shortly after its opening in 2020. She has always had an interest in taking care of people, and the drive to be involved in healthcare, leading her to obtain an advanced degree in Administrative and Clinical health. During the 2020-2021 Covid pandemic, Sophia dedicated over 100 hours a week, alongside the urgent care team, offering support, empathy, comfort, as well as exceptional care to as many patients as possible.

As management, Sophia is very attentive to our patient's needs, always ready to assist in order to provide great customer service, and patient care. During her off days, Sophia enjoys going on walks, cooking, and traveling when she can.