Occupational Medicine


Urgent Care Pros™ offers occupational health investigations and testing services to companies, municipalities, and other organizations. Visit us for laceration repair, job site injuries, broken bones & sprains, on-site X-Ray, wound care, and other work-related injuries. We are proud to offer Pre-Employment and New Hire Physicals, DOT Physicals, and On-site Drug Screenings. For businesses and their employees, we also specifically offer Rapid PCR Testing for COVID clearance.

Our occupational medicine services are tailored to each specific company's needs and our team of occupational medicine providers takes special care to ensure faster recovery times. Look to Urgent Care Pros™ to help your employees get back to work quickly!



Most of the work-related injuries we see occur in industries where physical work is involved. Our treatment consists of a diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment plan. We devise a recovery plan to ensure your workers return to work in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Quick and Accurate Results

We use the latest methods to quickly provide you with precise inputs to ensure that the problem is addressed appropriately.

Occupational Services

  • New-hire physicals +/- Covid Test

  • DOT Physicals - Call for Appointment

  • Rapid PCR For COVID Clearance 

  • Non-Federal Drug Testing & DOT Drug Testing

  • Laceration repair/Job site injuries

  • On Site X-Ray

  • TB/PPD Testing

  • Pre-Employment Blood Work

  • Vaccinations & Titers for work/school

  • On-Site Labs/Medications/Pharmacy

  • Work Injuries

  • Broken Bones & Sprains

  • Lacerations & Burns

  • Vision/Color Blind/Audiology Testing

  • EKG

  • And more, call for a full list

We are contracted with most major insurances.