Urgent Care Pros™ offers COVID-19 testing in Lakewood, CA and Cypress, CA! We also offer the Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, the Pfizer booster, and the Flu vaccine.

We offer the following COVID-19 tests:

  • COVID-19 Rapid 15. Min Test (via nasal swab) – most insurance will cover the test and we will bill your insurance. If you do not have insurance, the cost is $150, which includes the Rapid COVID-19 test as well as a physical exam, as some patients’ symptoms may not be due to COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 Rapid 15 Min. Antibody Test (via finger prick) – this tests for a previous infection and continuing immunity from vaccines. Cash rate is $40.

  • COVID-19 Antibody Test (via blood draw) – this tests for a previous infection with results in a few days.

  • COVID-19 Rapid RT-PCR for travel (via nasal swab) – worldwide travel clearance (except Hawaii); $195 cash rate (cash only as insurance does not cover travel clearance). On Monday-Friday after 6 PM, the cost is $250.  

No appointments are necessary for any of these tests.

All tests are available at our Lakewood location and our Cypress location.

We are now offering the Flu vaccine!

No appointment is necessary.

Available at our Lakewood location and our Cypress location.

We are also now offering the COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) at our Cypress location.

We also offer the Pfizer Booster at our Cypress location.

These are available on a walk-in basis during these times:

Monday-Friday: 12pm-6pm & Saturday-Sunday: 9am-3pm

  • No appointment is necessary.
  • The vaccines are only available during the specified walk-in times. We will be adding more hours soon.
  • Patients will be able to choose which vaccine they’d like.
  • We will be offering these vaccines at our Lakewood location soon; please stay tuned for more updates.

Questions? Call Now:

Urgent Care Pros™ Lakewood (562) 452-0038

Urgent Care Pros™ Cypress (657) 377-0740

Urgent Care Pros™ is a top-rated, state-of-the-art Urgent Care center in Lakewood, CA and Cypress, CA. We specialize in excellent customer service and the highest level of care. Our facility is brand new, clean, light & bright, with the latest tools and technologies to ensure a fast & efficient visit. We are proud to be your comprehensive source for high-quality care, all in one facility. We are dedicated to providing safe and affordable service at a fraction of the cost of emergency rooms.

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